Daily Post: Day 16

Today’s Highs”

  • Had another day off
  • Babysat my 1 year old niece all day
  • Acted like a 1 year old all day
  • Played in an awesome cardboard box fort all day
  • Watched Disney movies all day

Today’s Lows:

  • Didn’t get to sleep in
  • Didn’t get to take a nap

On another note, American Idol has started up again.  It’s always interesting seeing the people they choose to show us on TV.  I still wonder how much some of those contestants get paid to embarrass themselves and sound horrific (and look horrific for that matter).  Last year’s Idol was not that bad…so I guess only time will tell with this new season.  Not so psyched about Steve Tyler and J-Lo being judges…but hopefully they pick some good(ish) people.


~ by Chile on 19. January. 2011.

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