Lessons Learned

My friend was telling me of a list she made of things she learned while in college.  Some were serious, and others were silly, but I figured I’d do the same.  Most are relevant to Azusa Pacific, but I’m sure some are more universal.  Now that I’m a college graduate, it’ll be good to look back at the last 4 1/2 years of my life. I could only come up with 35, but if I ever think of more, I’ll be sure to add them.

  1. December graduation is much better: short and sweet and indoors. No battling with the weather, no sitting for hours on end and being bored.
  2. Friends/acquaintances come and go, but they all have an impact in our lives, someway, somehow.
  3. Caf food is only good before a big school event; first day of school, homecoming, etc. Oh, and also when it’s free
  4. Caf food also never fills you up, and always makes you sleepy…
  5. Music majors work just as hard if not harder than any other major.
  6. It’s not about being popular anymore, it’s about who you are as a person.
  7. Just because you were the best at whatever (music, theater, sports, art, etc) in high school, does not mean you are the best now. In fact, it probably means you’re the worst.
  8. C’s get degrees, but they don’t get you the job.
  9. Ring by Spring isn’t important…so don’t come expecting that.
  10. DTR’s are lame too…usually they just end up making things more complicated.
  11. Online Bible courses are way better. It’s the only time I’ve ever gotten an A in one. Heck, only time I’ve gotten over 100% in a class.
  12. We’ve all blamed the trollies as the reason we’re late to classes, but it’s not their fault at all.
  13. UCO, as cheesy and political it can get, really does make an impact on a persons life, no matter how tired we get of singing the same songs 100s of times.
  14. Donut Man runs really are the best.
  15. Yes, you really do have to go to Chapel 3 times a week.
  16. The prayer garden and bell tower were a donation. The school did try to convince the donor to put the money to something useful, but they still wanted the garden and tower. So don’t complain without knowing the full story.
  17. Just because we’re a Christian school doesn’t mean we are all nice, perfect, and worry free.
  18. F.R.I.E.N.D.S. is the best form of therapy and entertainment…it never gets old.
  19. Everyone should live on campus at least once.
  20. You can break the rules, just as long as you do it responsibly…and you don’t get caught.
  21. The best memories and discussions always occur late at night…usually it’s best when you’re outdoors, wandering around.
  22. Everyone has to climb Garcia Trail at least once…at night is even better, just make sure it’s not going to rain.
  23. Flight of the Concords. Nuff said.
  24. Facebook is evil. You can never get enough of it.
  25. If it’s not on Facebook…it never happened.
  26. ELF is a must around the holidays.
  27. Smith Hall always smells.
  28. Yes, a man did try and commit suicide in Adams Hall.
  29. Forcing us to go to community chapel every Friday is unfair…especially when they move International Chapel to Wednesdays so that “everyone has a fair chance”. Woody…get over yourself. Most people do NOT want to go to community Chapel. That is not how you form community.
  30. Music majors – yes, you really DO have to attend concerts.
  31. Oratorio (a.k.a. Pergatorio, Boratorio, etc.)
  32. Take advantage of the relationships you have with your teachers. They can make such a huge difference in your life.
  33. Most of the music teachers are still out in the music business, so ask for their advice/help.  Chances are you’ll be working with/against them once you graduate.
  34. Work hard now…because if you don’t, it’ll come back and bite you in the ass.
  35. Don’t worry if you don’t have things figured out by the time you graduate.  Chances are, nothing will go as planned.


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