Urban Dictionary: Round 2

[Daily Post: Day 8]

I just came across an old post of mine that I wrote just about two years ago. It’s titled “Urban Dictionary” and I though it would be fun to rewrite it and see what has changed. Enjoy!

MY NAME: Pauline

an amazing girl who is easy to fall in love with but doesn’t know what she’s got, shy and humble shes always considerate of others yet she never settles for anything short of the best
Look, there goes that Pauline and her man.

MY AGE: 25

The age at which one can finally rent a car in the United States without being charged enormous amounts of money and without having to sign thousands of papers for that matter.


A girl’s name for the coolest person you will ever meet.
1. I wish i was Kate.  

2. Kate is great.


Laundry can and is often used as a code name for sex, for discussion around people in public, or for people who are uncomfortable with the term “having sex” or “intercourse.”
A woman says to her husband “Can we do the laundry?” The man says to his wife, “I already did the laundry, it was a small load, so I did it by hand.”


The hue of the portion of the visible spectrum lying between green and indigo, evoked in a human observer by radiant energy with wavelengths of approximately 420 to 490 nanometers.
The sky is blue.

BIRTH CITY: Glendale

The city of Glendale is located in southern California. It is the third largest city in Los Angeles County, after LA and Long Beach. Here are some facts about Glendale… 

Many celebrities were layed to rest in Forest Lawn Memorial Park Cemetery in Gledale, including Walt Disney, Nat King Cole and Sammy Davis, Jr.

The Baskin-Robbins chain of ice cream parlours started in Glendale in 1945.

The southern campus of Steven Spielburg, Jeffrey Katzenburg, and David Geffen’s
DreamWorks SKG is located in Glendale.

In early 2005, 11 people died south of downtown Glendale in a Metrolink train crash.

Celebrities from Glendale include Paul Walker, John Wayne and Edward Furlong.

I just gave you a few facts about Glendale without making fun of any Armenians. Amazing, right? Stop hating, becuase the truth is we’re proud of our multiculturalism. Many Persians, Filipinos, Arabs and Latinos also live in Glendale. We’re all trying to realize “The American Dream” here, so why can’t we all just get along?

BIRTH MONTH: September



not just related to you by blood, but someone who really ares about you and what you feel, very important to kids living with their moms
My DAD is the most understanding person in the world!


A country that’s expected to become the dominant republic of south america at the year 2010, when it becomes 200 years old. 

Limits at north with Peru, at north-east with Bolivia, at east with Argentina, at the west with the pacific ocean.

The pacific ocean is now and will be in the future the main gate for south america to the asian economy, using the ports Valparaiso and San Antonio to send and receive products to/from asia and the rest of the world.

The climate is different in the country: at the north is the Atacama’s Dessert (the most dry in the world, where the NASA tests the mars devices, nad where the main telescopy is set on)….the center of the country has a mediterranean climate, the south has a rainy, the austral a cold one…and the antartic…is ice.

Who won the gold medal tennis in Athens 2004??  

ehhmmm… CHILE!!!


~ by Chile on 11. January. 2011.

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