Daily Post: Day 6

It was a long day today…and I am beat…but it was still a pretty good day.

Today’s Highs:

  • Met up with my sister and her boyfriend in the park after I got off of work.
  • Saw WOC again…hadn’t seen it since October!
  • Got to watch my sister’s reactions as see saw the show for the first time.
  • Hung out with Alex!
  • Got a free chocolate chip cookie!
  • Had Loretta as a lead. Love her.

Today’s Lows:

  • Had to work with a couple people who are hard to work with.
  • Had to work a morning shift.
  • Realizing more and more I may have to leave my job.


And because I didn’t have time to write about yesterday’s highs and lows, here they are:

Yesterday’s Highs:

  • Went out to lunch with my family.
  • My sister and her boyfriend came to visit from Vegas.
  • Went to a coworkers bachlorette dinner…had a great time.

Yesterday’s Lows:

  • Got in an argument with my sister…again.
  • Didn’t get enough sleep.

~ by Chile on 9. January. 2011.

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