A Common Misconception

(So I apologize, because this post was meant for Nov. 7, day 4 of my daily posts. It took me longer than expected to write it, so I missed my midnight deadline…but I’m still counting it as day 4.)

I just read this comment on someone’s status on Facebook. She had posted a Bible verse, and this was what they responded:

“I’ve recently started back to going to church, I should have long ago, maybe life would have been easier.”

While I’m glad this person has started going back to church, he has the very common misconception that by being a church-going Christian,  your life is automatically easier.


Christians don’t have an “easier” life just because we believe in God, and those who act like they do are kidding themselves. We suffer just as much, hurt just as much, cry just as much. Don’t be fooled. The only difference is that we believe God will help us through it all, that there is a greater reward at the end.

I will never forget something a classmate said in High School one time. We were discussing religions and she said that rich people like her don’t need prayer because they don’t need help with anything and that only poor people need to pray because they don’t have anything. This kind of outlook bothers me so much.

Just because we’re Christians, does not mean our lives are any easier. If you think that…don’t be surprised when everything seems to be going wrong.


~ by Chile on 8. January. 2011.

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