Birthday Party

A week ago, my friend and I threw a birthday party for ourselves, to celebrate us turning 24.  We figured it could be one of the last times most of our friends would be relatively close to each other.  Many have or will be graduating soon and we’ll be going our seperate ways more and more as time goes on.  We decided to throw a black and white party, since we both love being able to dress up and never get enough opportunities to do so.  The fun part though was that we asked people to wear converse/chucks instead of dress shoes.

So there you have it…it was actually going to happen (my group of friends have a tendancy to never pull through with things and/or back out of plans that we try to make).  I was pretty excited and couldn’t wait.  We threw it in my parents back yard, and went all out.  Decorated the back yard with as many lights as we could light up.  Put some candles out.  Made some great fingerfoods.  Made a special jazz playlist with some of our favorite songs/artists.

We had a blast!  It was one of my favorite parties ever.  Such an amazing group of people, although many were missed.  We danced, we ate, we laughed, and a smashing good time.  haha.

It was definitely a stressful/hectic  preparation, but it paid off.  The lights made my entire backyard look amazing!  I know we all had a lot of fun.  The food was great, and best of all was the cake made by my brother.  mmm…yummy.  I had a lot of leftovers though to last me the next several days.  haha, but it was all very good.  And for everyone who wore converse/chucks, it made it that much more fun!  It was so comfortable!  And they looked cool too!

I wish I could go back and revisit that night, but instead I’ve got some pictures to show for it (which I’ll be posting later).


~ by Chile on 19. September. 2009.

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