Random Dream

I don’t remember a whole lot about my dream, like where it started or how, but I do remember the ending.  With the little I do remember though, it was enough to make it feel like I was in a movie, or like my dream could become a movie.

The main character, I think it was me in my dream (or sometimes someone else), is at a school.  In light of some fishy things that have been going on around school, I decided to do some snooping around to try and figure out what was going on.  One of the teachers (maybe the principal) always seemed to be doing something odd…none of the students liked him.  He’s the enemy in this story…so of course we don’t like him.  🙂  Anyway, I noticed that there was this room (more like a closet) that strange things seemed to happen in.  I had figured out enough to know that the principal was hiding something, and that room had something to do with it.  One night, while I was sneeking around the school, doing some investigating, I realized that I could hear/talk to the walls.  You know how people always say, “If the walls could talk”, well these could.  But I’m not sure exactly about this next part, because I think that I could only hear certain things or they only said certain things…I don’t know.  Anyway, it helped shed some light on what was going on.  So I went into the room/closet for a while.  There wasn’t much in there but a dinky bed and a small cupboard that seemed to have been sealed.  I managed to break through the seal and reveal a couple of drawers.  I opened the drawers, which ended up being empty, but then I noticed that the bottom of the drawers fragile.  Someone had made a secret compartment at the bottom of them.  So I carefully opened it up, to try and keep these persons secrets hidden.  What I found were a lot of little notes that had been written to or by this person.  I recognized the name on the notes as a fellow schoolmate and made sure I hid them safely back in the drawer…just in case…and put it all back.  I didn’t want anything bad to happen to the girl if the principal found them.  Realizing that this room was being used to shut students inside as punishment, I convinced my friends to help me hide later that night to spy on our prinicpal.  The rest of what happens is a bit fuzzy, but later that night, we see him taking something into the room and then leaving.  So we all went into the room to see what it was…but apparently he was expecting us and knew we were there because as soon as we went in, the door closed and we were trapped inside.  It gets even fuzzier now, but somehow we escaped and were running from the principal.  Then I heard some noise from the walls and I remembered that I could hear them.  I knew they would somehow help me…but then I woke up.

The noise I was hearing form the walls was knocking…because my dad was knocking on my door to ask me a question.

…and so my movie like dream ended.  But maybe one day I’ll take it to Hollywood through one of my filmmaker friends and become famous.  haha.


~ by Chile on 22. August. 2009.

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