Music Mondays

I’ve been listening to this artist a lot lately.  I’m not particularly huge on any form of CCM (Contemporary Christian Music), but this is one of the few artist that I do like and always go back to.  I was introduced to him a few years ago by a friend of mine and ever since I have loved listening to his music.  It’s honest, sounds great, and I can listen to it for whatever mood I’m in.

Phil Wickham

I had the pleasure of going to a concert he was in about a year ago with some friends at the Wiltern in L.A.  It was amazing.  I also had the pleasure of meeting him after the concert.  He is an amazing person and is very personable. He isn’t your typical CCM artist you might expect, with all the sterotypical cheesiness that comes along with it.  He’s got this rock quality mixed in with hymn like melodies.  I love rock and I love hymns, so both put together is fine by me! The only CD I have of his is “Cannons”, but it’s filled with a variety of songs. Some compare him to singing like Bono. Personally, I like the rock feel he brings.  In each one of his songs, he glorifies God. It is rather uplifting to hear some of his songs and be reminded of the beauty of God and His greatness.  Like I said, I am usually into CCM kind of stuff, but this I do like.  I’d encourage you to give him a try.  Just listen to the music and let it take you away.

Check out his myspace page here.  Enjoy!


~ by Chile on 26. January. 2009.

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