Chile’s Chance for Gold

In all honesty, Chile doesn’t have a lot of great athletes, therefore, not much to look forward to in the Olympics.

Our one realistic chance was in tennis, men’s singles and doubles.

In Athens, Fernando Gonzalez & Nicolas Massu won Gold in men’s doubles. Just before winning the Gold in that match, Gonzalez had won bronze in men’s singles.

That was a good year for Chile. Gave us a name, at least in tennis.

So come Beijing, we have the hope to get some medals again.

Unfortunately, Gonzalez & Massu didn’t last all that in men’s doubles and Massu was knocked out in the second round or so.

But Gonzalez was still int the running. Finally, he had just one more match, against Blake from the U.S. If he won that match, he would play for Gold, and was guaranteed a medal.

He pulled through. He won. Now, unfortunately, I didn’t get to see that match. I did hear however that there was a controversy over a point that was awarded to Gonzalez. Apparently, Blake hit it, and it went out, but on the way out, it barely grazed Gonzalez’s racket. Blake tried to contest it. Gonzalez denied it. The point was still given to Gonzalez. A lot of people aren’t happy about it, but I think that one point didn’t make a whole lot of a difference. I think Gonzalez would have still won. But who am I to say, I didn’t actually get to see it, just read about it.

So that was it. Gonzalez was now playing for Gold. He would be playing against Nadal, who is ranked No. 1. So, it came to no surprise when Nadal won. I kind of saw that coming, but I’m still happy that our country’s flag would still be present in that medal ceremony.

Gonzalez had Bronze in ’04. This time he got Silver. I’m happy.


~ by Chile on 19. August. 2008.

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