Seven Heaven

Michael Phelps.

What more do I need to say?

He’s broken pretty much every olympic record he could break, and they’ve pretty much all been his own records. 

This guy is incredible. Every race, all you can do is watch and hold your breath.  

400m IM – GOLD.  Beat his own world record by 2 seconds.

4x100m Free – GOLD.  Swam first leg, and teammate Lezak won last leg for gold by .08 seconds, and beating the WR set the day before by about 4 seconds.

200m Free – GOLD.  Beat his own world record by about one second, and beating the silver medalists by nearly 2 seconds.


You still with me?  THREE Gold medals so far.  In Athens, he won a total of 6 Gold medals.  This means that he now has a career total of 9 Gold medals; not many others have achieved this honor, so it’s a good thing.  :o]  Ok, let’s keep going now.  It just keeps getting better and better from here.  Promise.

200m Fly – GOLD.  His goggles filled up with water and couldn’t see for the last 100m, so half the race basically, but he STILL won Gold and beat the silver medalist by .7 seconds.  This Gold made him the most decorated olympian in the modern Olympic era.

4x200m Free – GOLD.  Right off the bat, swimming the first leg, Phelps dominated above all the other athletes, making it that much easier for his teammates to hold on to the lead and win Gold.  Keep in mind that this race was only 1 hour after his previous one.  The American team beat the WR by about 5 seconds and they broke the 7 minute mark.  Needless to say, they kicked ass.

200m IM – GOLD.  Broke yet another WR and beat the silver medalist by over 2 seconds.  


That’s 6 for 6.  Perfect so far.  

Just two more races.  He just had to make sure he qualified for his 7th race, and that his teammates qualified for the 8th race.  Simple enough, but going against very tough competitors who are pretty eager to beat him.  Then, his seventh race, to tie Mark Spitz for most medals in a single olympic…

100m Fly – GOLD!!! – It was a very tough race.  He thought he was loosing for sure, which fueled him even more and he went all out, winning the race by only .01 seconds. 


Damn.  That’s good.  The finish was challenged, but the slow speed cameras showed he won, fair and square.

In an article on, Phelps mentions that he overheard Cavich (the silver medalist) saying that it would be good for him (Cavic) and swimming, to win the race.  That helped fuel him, but he still said he was lucky to even get his hands on the wall first.  Maybe it’s the fact that even though Phelps is 6’4, he has a wingspan of 6’7.  All we know is that Michael kicks ass and is considered by Spitz to be the best olympian/athlete of all time.  

He’s 7 for 7.  One more race left.  The 4x100m Medley.

Will he do it?  Will he beat Spitz’s record for most Gold medals in a single olympics?  Will the American team pull through to help him reach that goal?

We’ll find out in about 20 hours…


~ by Chile on 15. August. 2008.

One Response to “Seven Heaven”

  1. Michael Phelps is, without a doubt, the face of his sport just like Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretzky, Muhammad Ali, Brett Favre, Roger Federer and Babe Ruth. However, for all that he accomplished in this years Olympic games, I still don’t think he ranks in the top 5 of all-time Olympians.

    Here is my TOP 5 All-Time Olympians:

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