They’re virtually indestructable

I love watching gymnastics during the olympics, both mens and womens.  I’m just so mesmerized by everything they can do.  I dabbled in the sport myself a long time ago, but not all that much.  

When it comes to the olympics, I’v always loved watching countries like Russia, or Romania, or some other country like that.  But I’ve really enjoyed watching the men’s U.S team this time around. 

They were the underdogs this time around, mostly because the top two, and veteran members of the team, Paul & Morgan Hamm pulled out of the olympics due to injuries.  So the U.S. team was left with all rookie members.  The odds didn’t look so good anymore for the U.S. men’s team.  Most people didn’t think they would be much of a threat or put up such a big fight.  

But you should have seen them in action.  They were great.  In events that they have faltered in before or that they’ve been known to be inconsistent, they nailed.  Every jump, every twist, every landing, I just watched and held my breathe.  

I’m always in awe at the strength and agility that these guys have.  Especially in events such as the rings and parallel bars.  I think my favorite one to watch is the rings.  All the muscle strength it takes to hold themselves up and hold themselves in mid air, it’s incredible.

They proved everyone wrong when they won bronze in the men’s team final.  It was a great day for U.S. mens gymnastics that day.  How different would things have been if the Hamm brothers hadn’t had to drop out.  I wonder if it would have been better.  Or maybe worse?  We’ll never know, but what we do know is that the team pushed through and went against the odds to prove us all wrong.


As far as women’s gymnastics, unlike the men’s, where it seems (to me) to be more of a strength and muscle aspect, theirs involves a certain fines, beauty, & flexibility.  They make it seem so easy, so simple.  Their U.S. team fought really hard for the gold medal, but China was just too good.  It’s still great that they got silver, but it wasn’t what they wanted.  They did have a few flops, but they still did great.  My favorite women’s event I think is the balance beam.  All those flips and twists they do, on a small beam…It never ceases to amaze me.  I’m always holding my breathe as I watch them do their routines.  Such beauty and such grace, it’s incredible.  

I’m all for Shawn Johnson & Nastia Liukin in their individual all-around competitions.  As I’m sitting here right now, Nastia is in first place and Shawn in third.  One more rotation will define who will win what medal.  Maybe neither girl has been getting as good a score as they might deserve, but they’re still doing great.  We’ll see at happens in this last rotation.

In these olympics, a lot of the competition has been China vs. U.S.  I haven’t seen as much from the Russians nor the Romanians, who have been big time contenders in past olympic games.  Good luck to the girls, I hope they both win.


~ by Chile on 14. August. 2008.

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