Keep Your Eyes Open

So.  The 2008 Summer Olympics are here (yeah, I’m a few days behind on writing about this).

Who are you watching out for?  Personally, I’m usually the one who roots for the “weaker” or “lesser known” teams, but I’m all for the U.S. this time.  With the exception of any Chilean players, especially in Tennis.

Sports I’m watching out for:

– Gymnastics

– Football

– Swimming

– Tennis

– Track & Field

I keep an eye out on a lot of the sports, but these are my main ones.  I also love watching diving, syncro. swimming, and a few others, mostly because I’m in awe at the precision and incredible talent it takes.


Athletes & Teams I’m watching out for:

– Fernando Gonzalez (Chile) – Tennis; Singles & Doubles

– Nicolas Massu (Chile) – Tennis; Singles & Doubles

– Bryan Clay (USA & APU Alumni) – Decathalon

– Michael Phelps (USA) – Swimming

– USA Gymnastics – Mens & Womens

– USA Swimming – Mens mostly

– Brazil Football – Mens team


That’s pretty much it.  I will be writing about these athletes and the events individually as they come along, so I do still have some catching up to do.  Check back often.


~ by Chile on 12. August. 2008.

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