Ringo Starr.

We’ve all heard that name before.  If you haven’t.  Shame.

His claim to fame came when he joined a small band we’ve all grown to love: The Beatles

I don’t have to say anything else about them.  We’ve all dreamed of being able to see them in concert, even after they broke up.  At least that’s always been my dream.  To see at least one Beatle in concert.

I got my dream.

Two weeks ago, I got to go see Ringo Sarr and His All Starr band in concert at the Greek Theater with my dad and my brother.

Even though there are some very well know, and great musicians in his band.  I was there to see Ringo.  I kept my eyes on him pretty much the entire time.  haha.  I mean c’mon!  When am I ever gonna get another chance?

It was a great concert.  Seeing Ringo still drumming at his age, and having the time of his life was more than I could ask for.  And When he wasn’t playing, he was singing.  It was awesome.  

I’m glad to be able to mark one thing off of my list to do before I die.  :o]

Now if only I could go see Paul in concert…


~ by Chile on 11. August. 2008.

One Response to “RINGO STARR!!!”

  1. I wish we could trade experiences – I could give you my memories of Paul in concert (AMAZING!) and you could give me yours of ringo…..sounds like a good plan to me. Miss you, girl!!

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