It’s a Wednesday night and the plan had been to go to a Jon McLaughlin concert in West Hollywood. We had been looking forward to it for weeks. We had no tickets though. We figured if we got there early enough to wait in line and buy tickets at the door, we could end up saving $4, which for 10 college students, it makes a pretty big difference. So that’s what we did. Four of us drove out early to do just that. Get in line early to be able to still get our hands on tickets.

That was the plan.

Funny how things don’t always work out the way you had hoped.

We got there, and are told that we could only order tickets online and we’d better try finding wifi quick because as of an hour ago, they only had about 20 tickets left. By the time we managed to get online, the tickets had JUST been pulled offline cause they had all gotten sold. Boo.

So now what do 8 college students do? Mind you, we’re in the middle of all the L.A. hubbub, so there’s plenty we could do. It’s just a matter of how much we’re willing to spend and all agreeing on the same thing. And knowing our group of friends, we are VERY indecisive and take way too long to make decisions. BUT ALAS! We finally came up with something to do, and it only took about 10 minutes!


Or as Nate had dubbed it…TO UNIVERSE! Well I guess if you wanna be technical about it, “To Univers”

Ok, so I’m gonna back track a bit. Before we (and by we I mean Nate, Corinne, Jeremy, & I) met up with the others, and even before finding out that the tickets were sold out, we had gone to walk around Hollywood & Highland for a bit. For those of you who aren’t aware, Hollywood & Highland is the area where Graumann’s Chinese Theater, El Capitain, Jimmy Kimmel Studios, and all those other cool things are. It’s also where all the stars are in the sidewalk. Anyway, it’s a huge tourist attraction and Corinne had never been, even though she’s lived in So. Cal her entire life. We went, walked around and saw all those cement slabs in front of Graumann’s that have been engraved by many, including Bing Crosby, Jimmy Stewart, Shirley Temple, etc. No matter how many times you go, the idea that you are walking where they walked, stepping in their shoes (literally), and putting your hands in theirs, is still fascinating. It was fun to act like tourist and take fun pictures. Corinne and I even got super cool hats!

Yeah…and of course leave it to Nate to turn them into musical instruments…

The four of us had a lot of fun just walking around and reading all the names on the stars that line the sidewalks. We even found Chuck Norris’ star. Unfortunately, right as we were walking past it, we suddenly fell to the ground a died for a few seconds…

And you know it was unexpected because I’m still smiling from a joke that was told…or maybe I was really happy to be killed by Chuck Norris. Yeah, I think that’s it…

Anyway, back to Universal City Walk. We went into a lot of random stores, because there’s really not anything that’s “normal” there. It was fun though. We even went into one that’s called, “It’s Sugar”. If it’s not obvious by the name, it’s a candy store.

It felt like being a little kid again, just walking through those doors even. Although, I’m already little, so it made me feel like a kid. haha.

We also went into a store that had a whole bunch of random toys such as “B-Movie Victims” & “Paparazzi” figurines. They also had a Jesus action figure and a bobble head. There was a lot of random crap there, but it was entertaining to see everything and laugh at it all. We also got to see some people fly in those portable sky-diving simulating machines…or whatever they’re called.

The entire night, as random and unexpected it was, was very fun and entertaining. We were dead tired, but it was definitely a night to remember. Truthfully, I had been very disappointed that we couldn’t go to the concert, mostly because I was the one that was looking forward to it the most and I had told everyone about it, BUT with a little reassurance, I knew that I couldn’t dwell on it. I had a lot of fun hanging out with some of the people I love most, AND it didn’t include us sitting around watching movies and doing nothing. We were very grateful to have been able to get away from APU and out of Azusa.


~ by Chile on 3. August. 2008.

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