Good amidst some bad…

This is actually an old post I wrote but I never put up. Corinne, Nate, & I drove up Glendora Canyon to relax and get away. It had been a bad day, heck, a bad week, on many levels. This is what resulted, which ended up being a good night. Originally written July 23, 2008.

-Running two red lights in a row (don’t worry, it was past midnight and there was no one around)
-Running a stop sign too…
-Driving up Glendora Canyon…the road was REALLY curvy.
-Seeing an owl fly out in front of us
-Did I mention the road was really curvy?
-Listening to Phil Wickham
-Stopping to sit and stare at the stars (I missed the shooting stars, but there were some)
-Sitting in complete silence
-Listening to my heart beat
-Driving back down that previously mentioned very curvy road
-Stopping in the middle of the road to look straight into the eyes of another owl…coolest thing ever might I add. It stood there a few seconds and then flew away. I had never, ever seen owls in their natural habitat before.
-Driving 1mph through very dense fog (couldn’t see 3 ft. in front of me). Kinda cool and creepy at the same time
-Cost of it all? Priceless.


~ by Chile on 3. August. 2008.

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