I love summer rain. It doesn’t come often for us here in So. Cal, but when it does, it’s a nice change in climate. (10 points to anyone who can guess what movie the title is from)

We were totally caught by surprise last night when it started pouring. We had walked into a store while it was still light out, not too many clouds in the sky. When we walked out, it was pouring. We stood there for a few seconds, relishing in the fact at how sudden it was, but we went home and decided that it was way better to stand outside, listening to the rain and thunder, and watching the lightning. Dan then brought out a bottle of sparkling cider to drink from and pass around…he said it made it seem like a scene from a movie. I agreed. It was peaceful and relaxing to just stand there in silence and listen to mother nature around us. A lot was going through my head, and I wasn’t having a particularly pleasant night, so it felt good just to stand there, as opposed to being home, bored and alone. And even though the drive home wasn’t a great one…for those few moments that we stood there, everything seemed ok. The world stood still for a few seconds and whatever was bothering me before and after had disappeared for those few minutes.


~ by Chile on 13. July. 2008.

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