Hard Days Night

So this week, I’ve been pretty busy.  I’ve mostly been babysitting for a teacher of mine who is here in Cali doing a few gigs with his wife (one of the gigs is playing in the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra).  Anyway, they brought their two kids with them; Gaby, who is 2, and Adam, who is 1.  Since they don’t actually live in Cali, they have been staying in a hotel in Covina, so that is where I’ve gone to watch the kids.  Needless to say, I’m drained.  The kids are great, but being so close in age, it’s still pretty hectic.  The baby especially requires a lot of attention.  Thankfully the 2 yr. old plays by herself most of the time, but sometimes she comes and tries to take toys away from the baby, so it gets a bit rough.  For the most part though, they’ve been fun.  They love being tickled and they’re pretty easy to please.  It’s amazing how a child’s mind works.  If they cry, give them their “binky” or “blanky”…and if that doesn’t work, just stuff food in their face.  Hahaha.  It’s true though, that’s how easy these kids are.  It’s still been draining though…I’m sitting here at the hotel right now, and I’ve got 2 hours till the parents come home.  Luckily, they fall asleep relatively easy as well.  

Gaby, the 2 yr. old, is so funny.  She LOVE Monsters, Inc. right now.  That movie is playing all day…no joke.  When it ends, just start it all over again and she’s fine.  If she won’t go to bed until the movie is over, then all I’ve had to do is fast forward the movie to the last chapter and she’s convinced.  It’s great.  She loves climbing on you too, or getting tickled.  I love hearing them laugh…and kid in general really.  It’s probably one of the best sounds ever.  So innocent, so naive, so genuine.  Adam, the baby, required a lot of attention, but if he starts to cry all I have to do is give him food.  And if THAT doesn’t work, then you pick him up and give him his blanky.  He’s a big flirt too…already getting the routine down and he’s barely 1!  lol.  My arms sure are tired though, from having to hold him so much.  

Anyway, I’ve really enjoyed babysitting these kids, but I’m beat.  Won’t be getting much sleep tonight either cause I’m driving up to Chico tomorrow morning at 5a.m. to spend the weekend with Kelsey!  Yay!  I’m SO excited.  What’s even better is that we get to hang out with Corinne, who has been on tour, driving Celebration around.  It’s gonna be a great weekend.  It’s been a rough past few weeks, considering that three of my closest friends are away right now, so it’s REALLY good that I get to see 2 of the 3 this weekend.  :o)

I’m actually also glad that I even got permission from my parents to go.  They didn’t yell or give me any problems or anything.  For those of you who have been/are praying for me, please still continue to pray for that.  I’m glad that they are actually letting me spend the weekend away from home, without it being a school/church related activity, but some other things are still rough.  Well, that’s just a quick update of my past week..I’m just trying to kill time now as I wait for the parents to get home.  Have a great weekend!


(I’ve posted a lot of pictures, so go have a look at the page titled “captured moments”)


~ by Chile on 19. June. 2008.

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