Summer so far

My summer officially started this past Monday, even though my last day of classes was May 2. We had graduation on the 3rd, and then from May 4-18, I was on tour with the Azusa Pacific University Choir & Orchestra. (This one’s gonna be long…)

My first real week of summer though has been amazing! We got back late Sunday night, and I didn’t get home till about 1 am or so. It was my old roommate Bekah’s birthday, so Kelsey and I met up with her and some other friends at BJ’s for a few drinks. But Kelsey and I were really tired, and I didn’t exactly feel like being there, so we went home after about 15 minutes and a glas of water. lol. On Monday, I spent most of the day cleaning up, unpacking, and settling back in my parents home for the summer. Kelsey called me at one point and told me that our friend Zach, from Arizon, had driven over to visit us and spend a few days here. So after going to the airport to drop a friend off, I went and hung out with them for a few hours. Later that night, a few friends from my spring break Mexico team and I had a movie night. We’ve kind of made this a tradition ever since we got back from Mexico. We ended up watching four episodes of Firefly, which is the TV show that the movie “Serenity” is based on. That was really fun, and I really enjoyed spending time with them again after being gone for two weeks (this movie night was very much needed after an ok tour, I’ll make a seperate page to talk about tour). Tuesday was entirely lazy. It was great. Kelsey, Zach, Tori, and I went swimming for a few hours; which included a complete, rehearsed, and elaborate synchronized swimming routine by Kelsey and yours truly (if you really wanna see it, it’ll be at the end of this blog). Later, we went for some ice cream and then Zach and I went back to Tori’s, made nachos and watched Hitchhikers Guide (Yes, we are nerds, so what?) Few more people had joined by now, so the party was getting pretty fun. We all went to the jacuzzi later that night, which was pretty fun. Nate of course had brought his ukulele, and being the music majors that we are, we had an impromptu singing sesh. We left though because there were smoking drunkards. The entire night we pretty Bohemian, as put by Tori. Unfortunately, I had to leave because apparently I’m still on a leash.

Wednesday, was pretty busy; great, but busy. Today was the day that we were throwing a surprise going away party for Kelsey. In the morning, I went to Disneyland with Zach. (I renewed my pass!), then went and picked up Geoff from the airport. We were gonna take Kelsey to the beach to get her away from her apartment, but by the time we were all ready to leave, we decided that it was way to late to drive all the way to the beach, in traffic, and be there for an hour, only to have to drive all the way back again. So we ended up going swimming againg in the Crestview pool. Now we just had to make sure we could kill 2 1/2 hours and find a reason to go back to her apartment. But no worries, we got the job done; went to a send off party for Kevin’s mission team and were able to go in separate cars. Zach took care of driving Kelsey, to stall and wait for us to get there before her. The moment she opened the door though…all the planning (or lack thereof)…paid off. Probably one of the best moments ever. It was a great night; lots of laughs, pictures, and drinks. lol. A group of about 10 of us ended up going to see the midnight showing of Indiana Jones, which was really fun. Unfortunately my contacts were flipping out, so it was hard to see; not considering the fact that we were sitting on the floor off to the side, looking up at the screen. I finally just conked out on Kelsey’s couch.

Thursday morning, Tori, Geoff, and Zach came over and we made breakfast and hung out before Zach had to drive back home. That was fun too, but we were beat, so Kels, Tori, and I went back to sleep for a bit. I eventually got up and went to work, but that didn’t even last long. I left soon after and grabbed some lunch with Jeremy. Came back a while later and worked some more with Corinne; and by worked, I mean we watched youtube videos of Eddie Izzard. I would have been able to hang out with everybody, but unfortunately, I had to be home by 7, just to clean my parents freaking bathroom (no I’m not bitter…grr). I was so bored that night, but I was able to upload tour pictures and put them up on facebook. I ended up staying up till about 1 or so getting all that done and talking to people online.

Here I am now, in Tori’s apartment once again having a chick flick movie marathon. lol. (I know, I know…so what? You know you would wanna spend a day with us.) We’ve spent all day just watching movies, eating popcorn, ice cream, and pizza. Hey, you can’t laugh, especially since there are two boys here watching them with us too. lol. Anyway, I’ve had a great week, spending it with a lot of amazing people that I love dearly. It was a great way to spend a week, after having spent two not-so-great weeks of driving and walmarts with 115 other people.

This one was pretty long, mostly because I just felt like remembering this week, as cheesy and girly as that might sound…but hey, can you blame me? Anyway, I’ll try and keep this thing up to date, so check back and leave a few comments if you feel like it. Chao!


~ by Chile on 24. May. 2008.

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